1.4 was released

April 19, 2009

lcViewer 1.4 was released. A few new features, including postscript (.ps) support, GoToPage and standard zoom controls, were added. Also did some refactory work which is not visible from the app.

 It’s working with ASTRO file manager now, but still not with some other file managers. 

Does not work with standalone Gmail app. It does work if you access gmail from web browser.

A file size limit (5MB) was added due to the restriction of the web server which I have no control of (I do not own the server). I might provide a PC utility to convert big files and transfer them from PC to G1 in the near future.



April 15, 2009

Some users experienced problems when using lcViewer. I do not know how to reply users’ reviews on Android Markets. Please let me know if it’s possible to do so. Otherwise, please post problems here. Hopefully they will be answered by experienced users or by myself.

Please also report bugs and feature requests here.


lcViewer Intro

April 15, 2009

The lcViewer is a lightweight PDF viewer on Android platform. It requires network connection to open a file for the first time. Special thanks to view.samurajdata.se for providing server-side conversion.

At the moment, lcViewer does not work well with the standalone GMail and Email app, but it works with web browser.  So to see your email attachments, you’d better access your email through web browser.

lcViewer does not work well with some file manager either. You have to launch lcViewer directly to open a file.

Will try to fix the above issues and polish the UI in the near future.  Other things planned is to support other file formats, including Word (.doc), Postscript (.ps) and .chm.

lcViewer was release

April 12, 2009