Why is Ads added in the latest lcViewer, lcWord, and lcPPT???

It looks like people can accept Google, Yahoo, and many other websites putting ads on either top, left or right of the web pages, but question why ads is added in lcViewer or the other two basic viewers recently released. As I mentioned before, lcViewer will not work without a reasonably powerful server serving conversion requests. Out of more than 22,000 active installs, only 4 people made donation. So it’s unlikely to get enough money (£300 ~ £400 a year) to purchase a hosting server through donation. Some people tried to sponsor theirs servers, but it did not work out due to lack of bandwidth or processing power. Serving ads is kind of my last try to keep lcViewer running in the long term. Please let me know if you got better ideas.


4 Responses to “Why is Ads added in the latest lcViewer, lcWord, and lcPPT???”

  1. todd Says:

    Have you considered a lite and pay version? Limit the lite to 2 page pdfs, or 30 total views. I had considered donating, but haven’t had it installed long enough to decide.

    • Derek Says:

      yes, that’s an option, but I would think people prefer a free app with ads rather than a lite version with limited functionality.

  2. eug Says:

    so are the ads doing the job?
    I think you’re doin a good job and I don’t mind having some ads…

    • Derek Says:

      yes. the ads can bring in several dollars a day which is enough to cover the cost of the new server I just ordered.

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