Donation is appreciated

As more users are using lcViewer, the third-party server (I have no control) might reject lcViewer connection in the future. I’m thinking about ordering a reasonably decent server. The other benefit is to get better control of the server, so I can easily add support for other document formats, including Microsoft Word (.doc). I’m not able to do this unless I can get hold of a server. So please donate a small amount of money to fund a decent server and future development.


5 Responses to “Donation is appreciated”

  1. Bill EIchin Says:

    I have some experimental server space available at various times. What are your resource requirements?

    • Derek Says:

      First, thank you very much for supporting lcViewer. I presume your server is a private virtual server or dedicated server. To run this service on a server box, it requires the box has reasonably powerful CPU. That’s why a normal web account will not work since by maximum a web account normally got 10% of the processing power. Also a web account does not have permission to install additional software required. Monthly traffic is about 50GB. It may need more since more users are using the service. I don’t think it need lots of disk space since files will be deleted once user has downloaded them.

      • Bill Eichin Says:

        Actually, I have a handful of machines in my basement, five static IPs and 384kbps DSL. I have a vmware ESX server with 8GB RAM, 4 cores, and Infiniband-attached disk.

        Needless to say, it’s a test lab, and there are no real guarantees; but whaddayawant for free?

      • Derek Says:

        Wow. Your hardware is really impressive. My only concern is about the bandwidth. Say a 3G connection is about 20KB which is 160bps. Then 2 or 3 simultaneous connections will consume all the bandwidth. So it might not suitable to switch to your server given that there are 13,000+ active installs.
        Can you give me an account so I can use your server as a testing box for adding additional feature, such as Microsoft Word (.doc) support? Although the new feature will not go live unless I can get hold of box with enough bandwidth.

  2. Bill Eichin Says:

    My guess is that, unless the app gets hosted directly by the carrier, your best bet is to allow for distributed processing, perhaps via round-robin dns, or message-queueing. Or even GridEngine/Globus.

    What’s more impressive is the 13000+ active installs. Looks like plenty of users to actually profile the usage.

    Let’s take this off-line (or at least off-blog), and see what we can do.

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