Known issues and workarounds

Below is a short list of known issues and corresponding workarounds. Please add comments about the problems you encountered. I will try to reply them ASAP.

The first three have been fixed in the 1.5 release.

  1. Gmail
    Currently it’s not supported for lcViewer to open an attachemnt from the standalone Gmail app. The workaround is to log into your gmail through the web browser. lcViewer works well with web browser.
  2. File manager
    lcViewer works well with ASTRO file manager, but may not work with others due to the same technical reason of the Gmail issue. The workaround is to launch lcViewer directly, and then press menu ‘Open’ to choose the file you want to view.
  3. Foreclose
    Actually you can cancel the conversion easily by pressing the Back button which is on the right side of the Trackball. According to G1 user manual, Back button is used to go back to the previous screen or to dismiss a dialog box or menu. I may add a cancel button on the progress window to make it more straightforward.
  4. Progress window
    Initially it stays at 8% and may jump to 40% after a while depending on your file size. As long as your got reasonable network connection, just leave it running for a couple of minutes if your file is above 2MB. I’m sure it will works. Anyway, will try to make the progress bar more indicative if possible.

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