lcViewer Intro

The lcViewer is a lightweight PDF viewer on Android platform. It requires network connection to open a file for the first time. Special thanks to for providing server-side conversion.

At the moment, lcViewer does not work well with the standalone GMail and Email app, but it works with web browser.  So to see your email attachments, you’d better access your email through web browser.

lcViewer does not work well with some file manager either. You have to launch lcViewer directly to open a file.

Will try to fix the above issues and polish the UI in the near future.  Other things planned is to support other file formats, including Word (.doc), Postscript (.ps) and .chm.


3 Responses to “lcViewer Intro”

  1. Leander Says:

    Window limit reached Could not open a new window because you have already opened the maximum number. Where can I delete the files on my T-Mobile G1?

    • Derek Says:

      Perhaps you have opened too many pages in the web browser. Android may have a limit on the number of windows opened. Open the browser again, and press menu, then select Window. Closing a few may help.

  2. Leander Says:

    Thank you Derek that was the right solution, now it’s working again

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